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Himachal Tribune is the largest and only publication for the northern states, comprehensively covering all segments of society and holds sway over the government sector and masses. It is the only newspaper which provides special coverage on Himalayan environment, ecology, a forestation, mining, industrial strides, power, herbal resources and associated scenario and development of backward and tribal areas.
Why advertise in Himachal Tribune -Himachal Tribune extensively reaches Forestry, Environment, Energy, Industrial, Political, Social and the associated infrastructure sectors and leaves its imprint in minds of people who matter in Himachal and adjoining states. With purposeful content and editorial best practices we cover latest happenings in terms of government policies, development in the concerned ministries public sector in states and in the private sector are brought to you with news analysis, trends and projections from time to time from our expert team comprising technocrats, journalists and teams linked with the administration and marketing.
Himachal Tribune, the most comprehensively circulated newspaper and is the most professional vehicle for promoting your business. It is your most economic choice for advertising and reaching the state.

Advantage Himachal Tribune with a development bias, Himachal Tribune, on the lines of Assam Tribune, is all set to perform enviably better than all the existing English dailies to become Himachal’s own newspaper group, with specific focus on :
1. Local culture
2. Extensive News coverage from nearly 80 cities of Himachal.
3. News from all the 68 assembly constituencies.
4. Coverage to industrial belts of “”Nalagarh-Baddi-Barotiwala-Parwanoo”, “Kala Amb and Paonata Sahib”,and “Gagret, Tahliwal,Amb and adjoining area of Damtal” in Una and Kangra.
5. Extensive coverage to reports from Hamirpur, Kangra and Shimla districts – the politically active areas of Present and Ex. Chief Ministers and also to reports from other potential areas.
Coverage through special columns like
a). Himalayas – environment, ecology, climate change, natural resources etc.
b). Himachal’s Heritage – Coverage on pre Raj days and Raj days architecture, temples and monasteries backgrounders, and traditions with glimpse of the past etc.
c). Talented Men of Vision : Men of vision and rare caliber, in various diversified fields, who helped in shaping up the destiny of Himachal Pradesh – regular column of such people with brief profile, photograph and main contributions of such people.
d). People’s Voice : A column for taking up people’s reactions to recent developmental and other happenings in the state for voicing public concern.
e). Opinion Polls : A column for crucial issues like Section 118 which affects the life and psyche of the people which has been imposed on the people of the state without a public referendum.
f). Adopting a village : The paper can adopt a village on the lines of a village adopted by “Hindustan Times” a few decades ago on which a column regularly appeared in the paper under the title “Our village Chattera”. The experiment can bring good name to the paper and will help in creating a better readership base in the state and the paper can acquire the complexion of the “Paper of the people, by the people and for the people of Himachal”. The paper can create a solar office cum press complex and can promote renewable energy and this way stand out in Himachal state.
g). Taking MPs from Himalayan states in its fold : The Newspaper Group can extend patronage to MPs from hill states and can create an amplified voice for the twin Himalayan states – Himachal and Uttarakhand and this create a niche for itself in Himachal and Uttarakhand specifically and in Himalayan states including J & K in general. With advantage of specialized coverage Himachal Tribune definitely has advantage over other papers for carrying forward the advertisement message to the target group. Himachal Tribune, is the only English weekly of the state with readership exceeding 50,000 mark. We cover issues of public interest, regularly for better penetration in masses.