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The foundation of The Himachal Tribune was laid by Late Shri S.P. Pandhi inducted Dev Pandhi, his second son in journalism immediately after he completed his MSc. In Physical Chemistry. Late Shri S.P. Pandhi was a towering figure in journalism and doyen in the field. He was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, Father of the Nation when Bapu wrote an Editorial in his paper “HARIJAN” on him when he was editing a hundred year old paper and was representing wireline service and several publications in the Indian print media, after he successfully organized a meeting for the Mahatma at Silverton grounds in Mussoorie way back in 1948.

Himachal Tribune is committed to carry forward the mantle of service to the people of the Himalayan states – Himachal, Uttarakhand & J & K through its dedicated relentless service through high ideals of profession as spokesman of hills and voice of people.
Himachal Tribune is the only paper which reaches the remote, far flung and difficult terrains, tribal and backward areas, in addition to all the districts of both the states. The qualitative impact of the publication on the psyche of people in view of sustained service to hills is visible in terms of mileage and impact for the advertisers. The papers reach the decision making levels and the printed word in its columns carry weight, substance and the publication holds sway over the masses. With extensive readership, the advertisement message reaches the target group and others with adequate mileage and reach.Himachal Tribune Tourism bias : Tourism and Agriculture are the mainstay of Himachal. The apple economy of the state exceeds Rs. 2000 crores. The Hospitality industry, incorporating tourism and travel, provide another main revenue earning avenue to the state with seasonal tourism, pilgrimage and health tourism resulting in heavy influx of domestic and foreign tourists to the state throughout the year. Himachal Tribune is an index into this sector and keeps tab on day to day developments. Himachal Tribune’s focus on industrial sector : Over 12000 industrial enterprises comprising major, medium and small industries have metamorphosed the state’s economic complexion with several industrial clusters coming under high spin activity following development of infrastructure and facilities. The Baddi-Barotiwala-Nalagarh complex generally known as BBN has emerged as the main industrial hub of the state and trade corridor between Himachal and adjoining states of Punjab, Haryana and UT Chandigarh. Activities in the industrial belts are covered extensively in the publication from time to time.Himachal Tribune covers horticulture and agriculture in the state extensively and many states in the country are dependent on Himachal for agro-horticulture produce and for the traditional handlooms and handicrafts. Himachal Tribune covers all this and project emerging trends in economy from time to time. Himachal Tribune is the voice of hills and is popularly known as spokesman of hills as the newspaper group comprising Hindi and English publications espouse for the cause of hills, relentlessly.